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Review by John on the Curly Blonde Sex Doll Alice

blonde curly doll

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Alice is very petite, I like petite dolls, I am living with Alice now, I treat her like my sister, she helped me get rid of loneliness, I hope OkSexDoll continue to provide such perfect dolls.

A noteworthy point about Alice

Joint maintenance

The doll's joints remain curved for a long time, and wrinkles appear on the surface because of improper placement and long-term stress on the surface. For example, sitting in a chair for a long time, the belly of the doll may press out the horizontal stripes. Maintaining a long period of abnormality will also greatly increase the risk of breakage of the sponge layer. Please restore the doll to the factory position after use or shooting, reducing the stress on each joint.

Painting maintenance

The make-up of the doll at the factory, using silicone paint, generally does not fall off, it will only gradually fade. However, do not use force to wipe, especially the baby face makeup and eyebrow eyelashes. Please pay attention to the wiping force when using and cleaning. If the force is too much, the hair will fall off and fade. Once it's faded, it's hard to fix. Dolls can be applied with general cosmetics, such as lipstick and blush, but please do not use too thick grease to apply the face, which may make it difficult to clean. Do not apply force when removing makeup. Use soapy water or makeup remover to gently wipe.

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