Aug 24, 2021

Is It Weird To Buy Love Dolls? Regarding Current Issues And Future Prospects

Some people who are considering buying a love doll may worry about what it is like to own a love doll.

Of course, the owners of realistic sex doll are sometimes portrayed in movies as lonely people in society, unable to have relationships with real women.

But by 2021, most lover doll buyers will be active, active, and smart, which is also true.

Sex toys and lover dolls are increasingly accepted by the society

Is it normal now? This is a masturbation story that men sometimes communicate, but in the past, it was taboo to talk about this topic.

In view of this, everyone who has watched porn will feel embarrassed and hidden.

Not to mention that no one admits to owning sex toys.

But in modern times, the topic of pornography, masturbation and sex toys has changed dramatically.

Nowadays, even women's fashion magazines involve female masturbation.

The evolution of these times is wonderful. With such an evolution, in the near future, owning a love doll will become a commonplace for everyone.

affordable sex dolls blog

Technological progress and business perspective

This blog often introduces love dolls that also have artificial intelligence.

In addition to this computerized technology, with the advancement of science and engineering, lover dolls now produced by lover dolls feel and feel almost like real women.

Of course, it takes a lot of time and money to make such a TPE sex doll. The company is focusing on investing in the production of love dolls in the future.

This is because the demand for love dolls continues to increase, and it is expected to increase further in the future.

Why not accept it at this time?

As mentioned above, we believe that in the next few years, the situation of owning love dolls will not be very common.

Not everyone chooses to own it, but it will definitely reduce the value of owning strange or weird things.

However, the world may take some time to reach this trend. There are many possible reasons for this.

Lover dolls are too expensive. I think this is a wall that everyone who considers buying a doll has gone through.

People who see the price of love dolls for the first time may be surprised at this price (150,000~).

However, think about it calmly, considering the number of times you have sex with Aiwawa, you can think it's not expensive.

・ Customs
One-time fee ・Membership fee for dating site ・
Female dating fees
・Hotel fee

Compared with these, how does the cost of love dolls?

②It's hard to hide love dolls

Adult toys and pornographic magazines are easy to hide.

Clearing the browser history is also easy.

But this is not the case with Aiwawa.

In other words, there are many good ideas for storing love dolls.


Although there are still problems with mini sex doll, I hope that the future trend is positive.

Sexual issues such as homosexuality are becoming more and more open in society, and we are entering an era in which personal sexual orientation is respected as much as human rights.

It is not shameful to have a love doll. I only hope that the day when this idea is widely accepted will come soon.