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The Digital Society Fell In Love With A Woman Who Didn'T Exist

When Big Love on the Internet is Fake: Finding Clues to Hiring Friends and Virtual Relationships with New Documentary Series "Human Earth."

If the sex doll wasn't a sex doll but a real woman, then all that would be very inconspicuous and not worth mentioning. She is one of the trendsetters on Twitter: more and more dolls have their own social media accounts! Their masters told them about their lives. Each has hundreds of followers.

Of course, what they mainly experience is what to expect. Almost everyone thinks love dolls have a lot of sex. There are countless pictures of sex dolls naked on camera or showing off new underwear.

Cheap Sex Doll

It gets even more exciting when the Futuregirl Doll talk about their free time. You might think they're just hanging out in the closet. But far from it! Some even turned into actual action dolls. The stage is everything...

Human digitalis - a new human species?

What does this mean for a digital society when our minds and bodies are changing so permanently? When people and technology merge into one super brain, because we no longer have chips in our heads, no more printed organs, no more virtual sex. Will we soon transform into a new human species - digitalis? All Homo Digitalis episodes on Homodigitalis.tv

The Future of Evolution: A New Species of Humanity? What does this mean for a digital society when our minds and bodies are changing so permanently? When people and technology merge into one super brain, because we no longer have chips in our heads, no more printed organs, no more virtual sex. Will we eventually transform into a new human species - digitalis?

Anime characters, VR glasses, AI-Tech Doll - this is what Japan looks like. Should this be the future?

The future what I look forward to

I guess while we'd love to see fully automatic Cheap Sex Doll hit the shelves and soon become affordable domestically, it also means that someone will have the ability to create an entire army of robots that can fully control good and evil. It's a little scary. Maybe we'd better keep the humanoid replicas fantasy for now? We don't want to accidentally recreate some Game Terminator scenarios...so better have some good laws!

If or when we're so advanced that you really can't tell the difference between robots and humans, there are certainly ethical and legal issues governing their use here. We imagine it might be heavily regulated, maybe you might need a special sex robot license to make sure you don't do anything too naughty...

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