The Effect of Child Shaped Mini Sex Dolls on Pedophilia

Admin 2020-03-02 March

Pedophilia is a pathological preference for achieving sexual satisfaction in boys. The sexual orientation of pedophilia is generally intended for prepubertal or underdeveloped children. Academically, the concept of pedophilia began in the late 19th century, but the emergence of western public opinion basically began in the late 1970s. With the rise of online pedophile pornography since the 1990s, it has become an increasingly important ethical topic in public opinion.

To reduce child sexual abuse, various methods have been adopted to find childlike sex dolls, including sex education. However, the appearance of mini sex dolls are good or bad for people like pedophiles, which remains undiscussed. According to a new study, child face real sex dolls can increase the risk of potential pedophiles actually making contact and committing crimes against their children in real life.

According to the latest report released this week by the Australian Criminology Institute, Sydney Morning Herald reports that child-shaped love dolls can satisfy pedophile sexual urges and thereby reduce the use of real children. The "hot debate" theory of crime risk is groundless.

The report acknowledges the lack of research on this topic, but the authors Rick Brown and Jane Shelling have reasoned that real contact with the child's sex doll by real users may increase user sexual abuse.

They noted that mini sex dolls are likely to bridge the gap between potential pedophiles and sexual fantasies and real crimes. Two experts said that contact with the sex doll was likely to numb the physical, mental, and mental damage caused by sexual assault in children, and that normal action.

Before the report was issued, Interior Minister Peter Dutton promised to ban the distribution of sexual dolls in the form of children in Australia. He said this "sneaky" trend has caused an increase in the number of similar adult toys imported.

A spokesman for the Australian Border Protection Agency (ABF) also stated that in the first three years of 2015-16, the number of child-shaped sex dolls intercepted by border guards was less than 10 per year. Was. Since last year, the number has increased to 15.

Australian law prohibits people from buying a real love doll in the form of children abroad, and violators may be punished with up to 15 years in prison and $ 525,000 in fines.

In 2016, a man with a child-shaped love doll was sentenced to death in NSW. However, a report from the Institute of Criminology noted that the relevant laws in other states and territories were not clear. Du Dun last month further enacted a parliament for the actions of those who have child-shaped mini sex dolls, stating that this would effectively eliminate such crimes.

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