Apr 18, 2022

Do Sex Doll Owners Really Hate Women?

What is misogyny? Let's take Wikipedia as an example. Misogyny is hatred, contempt, or prejudice against women or girls. Misogyny manifests in many ways, including social exclusion, sexism, hostility, centralism, patriarchy, male privilege, female degeneration, female disenfranchisement, violence against women, and sexual objectification: I am not a prejudice label and stereotype , because hiding the truth is often a lazy way. For the labelling of misogynists as sex doll owners, if the label is to be classified as fair, then some of the aspects listed above must apply to all realistic sex dolls owners.

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I love bringing my big booty sex doll to life through photography and comedy stories. As with any storytelling, whether oral, film, animation, etc., you need to empathize with the protagonist. If you want to portray effectively, you need to understand how your character recovers, and fundamentally, you need to connect emotionally with the character in order to successfully piece together the story.

Does this sound illogical? During my time on the sex doll forum, I have never seen anyone show hatred or contempt for women or girls. We have a deep understanding of their body shape and they are eager to ensure they maintain their perfect shape and unique femininity. Maybe more than some marriages! We take care of our sexy real dolls. So much so that it can be an ongoing investment by staying happy. This is where empathy comes into play again, because we really want our girls to look and feel good. We buy makeup, clothes, shoes, jewelry and it's great to see them happy. We really think our sex dolls are having fun. It's actually our luck.