Mar 22, 2022

What are The Characteristics of A Sex Doll with Closed Eyes?

Life-size realistic sex dolls with beautiful breasts! The inflated abs are so realistically reproduced that they appear to be moving at that moment. And the plump bust that seemed to hide her face was completely straight just by looking at her! You can play all kinds of games with life-size beauties with big breasts! There are a variety of breasts to choose from, you can also choose the color of your eyes and skin and whether you have pubic hair, place your face between your hips and thighs, and rub your buttocks with your back. Or for those who are obsessed with the lower body, it is full of irresistible charm. You can experience softness unimaginable as a love doll. Play with your cheeks like you're flirting with your lover.

realistic sex dolls

Of course, they are always closed and cannot be opened. There are few avatars with closed eyes, but many characters. You close your beautiful big eyes for a reason. Right now, she may be enjoying giving in to your touch, kiss, caress, or orgasm. This shows her that you care about your heart and that you can please her because you can make her happy.

For couples, most women responded by turning off the lights and closing their eyes rather than opening them. Or they open their eyes first, but as the pleasure increases, they involuntarily close their eyes and sink into it. It is also a secret that women close their eyes in bed, because even if the environment is not good, they close their eyes and imagine beautiful scenery.

All premium sex doll products are shot in real scenes, the pictures are provided by the factory, and the source of the factory is free shipping. Including VAT and customs fees. If you are buying multiple sex dolls, we recommend that you choose at least one with your eyes closed based on personal preference so you can find a special attraction.