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Become a Photographer Through The Love Doll Who Loves Life!

Real dolls can change people in many ways. Adult doll, one rethinks his sexual orientation and even his relationship, the other discovers her passion for photography. All these things my dear friend told me about love dolls and other people who have other great things, I changed it with silicone dolls. Almost six years later, my lover became more patient with me, slept better, more balanced, and most importantly, he never lost his true love.

But today I want to tell you something you often experience in forums and conversations with other sex doll lovers. At the beginning of our time, I also often experienced it. Photo opportunity.

It was originally a forum, and it should be used as a kind of experience exchange. Especially in recent years, more and more users have appeared, and more and more wonderful pictures of love dolls have been created. They are so good now, more and more people dare to publish their love doll photos, and they are getting better, more and more rare, always artistic and interesting.

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Why love dolls is also the subject of mothers' photography

At that time, my lover also liked taking pictures, thanks to me. She said she was not interested in professional photography, but at the time he took a digital camera and took photos of me in various costumes and poses. He also made some interesting clips, and I did a striptease. It's so fun, so good.

As the supply of love dolls increases, so does the number of professional photos. The exquisite pictures of TPE love dolls on the Christmas tree are as eye-catching as the stunning outdoor pictures of convertible silicone dolls on the oksexdoll page. In addition, our family already has a professional photographer who takes pictures for big magazines, but he put me on the stage of various media articles, such as a rural photographer.

But for me, the photos taken by my spouse are 100 times more beautiful, although they may not be as good in the photos. Behind every picture of a person is love, joy, and passion for Aiwa. My loved ones and I inspire every photo, no matter how it is prepared or made spontaneously. The feeling behind them is more important than image editing and great frames.

The front and back of private photos of sex dolls

No matter what the motivation is for people to take photos of love dolls and post them. Very important to the world of love dolls. Because behind the camera, outsiders show ordinary people living in ordinary apartments and homes, one is a beautiful home, and the other apartment looks very clean and nice. Unfortunately, this is important because there are a lot of evil prejudices circulating about people with real dolls. These photos not only show the imagination and love of doll lovers, but many of them come from the middle class of society and will not squat down like some freaks in a dark room.

Unfortunately, many friends of love dolls dare not bring real dolls. They still worry that colleagues, friends, family members or bad guys on the Internet abuse their openness. We all feel sorry because we don't have to hide our lover and our silicone doll buddy. I think they are not that attractive, and there is no reason not to. After all, my love has been very public in all documentaries. His body is visible and part of his face, especially since he has known a lot of people before.

But I don’t want to talk more about such things here, but about beautiful things. Taking pictures of real dolls is a very interesting thing. It can stimulate imagination and show people's love for dolls. Not only love dolls made of silicone and TPE materials, but every doll who loves life provides a location for photography themes. Even great dolls have a lot of photo potential in the past, but unfortunately, they are no longer available on forums these days. They are light in weight and can also be transported in a duffel bag, which is a big motivation for making this wonderful outdoor theme. Even passers-by think that Aiwawa is a "sex toy", and the reaction is relatively easy. In the past trips and trips, the photos of the dolls are great. I am glad to see the new photos on the forum immediately.

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