Aug 24, 2021

Be Careful When Using Love Dolls

For many, having a realistic sex doll may seem very easy, but if you're not careful, it affects the overall quality of a real love doll, and even your health. I can. Be wisely aware that it is essential to take good care of it. In fact, if you buy new products and want to keep them new all the time, you need to make an effort to keep them clean. Love dolls need to be cleaner than regular adult goods. And maintenance.

Now the lubricant should be used with sex dolls. If you want frustration and pain, you don't use it, but if you want an experience and love doll that makes you feel good, you can use some lubricants increase. The biggest problem with not using lubricants on toys is that you're starting to notice that your skin is starting to wear. It's not that smooth, it's not as tight as you think, it affects RealDoll's performance. When you first use it, you may find that the hole is very tight, but it's not. This really affects its texture and smoothness.

Some may think that all lubricants are the same, but they are not. Try using these water-based lubricants with silicone love dolls. This will give you better penetration, and whether it is the mouth, anus or vagina, you should use it for all your body cavities. This will make the doll and your skin smoother. If you don't want annoying dicks, this is definitely what you want and it helps make the doll last longer.

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Skin and clothing are two other things you should consider. If you have a sex love doll, you may want to buy new clothes. Online shopping is really the best choice for you to protect your privacy, as there are retailers who can choose clothes for your doll. You also need to pay attention to the color. It should avoid using any dark or fingerprinted clothing for all types of clothing. If you have them, use them as little as possible as it discolors the skin in a very difficult way. You should also know all the impressions around you.

If you have oil-soluble clothing and paint, do not put it on your love doll. It may stain your body and clothes. If you are using a large TPE sex doll, be aware that you will often tear during sex. You should know what you put in the doll. Clothing is a great feature of sex dolls. Of course, nudity is great and everything, but for personal reasons you may want some new mistakes. In such cases, consider purchasing from an adult retailer that sells them. They are usually much smaller than the average person, so they often make these custom doll outfits, so finding something can be difficult.

Now, due to the dirt on the doll, you should buy a detergent designed for real love dolls. You can buy them from an adult retailer and keep them away from anything that has ink as this can usually be transferred and it can hurt your body with clothing I can. You can leave it to us wisely. Of course, put it in the closet. However, if not handled correctly, it can cause many problems that can affect the overall appearance.

Finally, the skin. Occasionally, with repeated use, the oil can make the skin unattractive and to some extent sticky. This is a sign that the love doll must be soaked and cleaned. First, shower him Of course you should do it once a month to get rid of all sorts of movies. However, if you don't want to deal with this issue, you can get this dynamic update from the adult store and crush the doll's skin. For silicone dolls, it's more important because you can feel the tights on your skin almost instantly. It comes with a brush, so once you put it on the RealDoll, brush it off and let it rest. It will be sweet again.

If you're worried that a real mini sex doll might get old, don't put it near the sun. Be careful if you take it out and try to get an umbrella for it. Obviously, this is your choice at the end of the day, your doll, but if you go out with her for any reason, be careful and note that it will hurt your skin like human skin please.

For those who want a real love doll, keep these three things in mind. Keep this in mind before buying a real sex love doll, as they do not require high maintenance, they only require a little daily care.