Aug 29, 2022

New Trends In Sex Doll Consumption

We were recently asked what we think about the Robot Sex Dolls industry and how involved are we? What unique experiences does your sex doll offer? Do you plan to use this technology to improve your love doll?

Each doll is fully customizable to provide a unique experience. From head-to-toe nails, body shapes, vaginal styles and hairstyles, freckles and tattoos, everything about our dolls can be customized to everyone's taste. Clients can create a unique doll from scratch or use one of the hundreds of face and body shapes we can customize.

Blonde Sex Dolls

Yes, this is correct. It may not be "upgraded," but as technology improves, new model releases are more likely. For example, a new and improved skeleton is being released, so all future JY Doll from the brand can use the lighter, more flexible skeleton, or at least offer it as an improvement. Older models could certainly be upgraded in the future by combining computer chips and sound capabilities with some "facelifts."

You'll be amazed at the edits and fixes people make.

The Doll Forum has its own forum called "Inventor's Corner," a lair for ideas and creations reminiscent of "weird science." Granted, it's a bit boring for some people, but it's actually quite creative, and who knows, some of them might work for big companies in the future - many of them have monetized their inventions, some People have their inventions. The idea is even patent pending.

On the manufacturing side, there must be a demand and trend for lighter, more flexible frames. This year we've seen a boom in hybrid dolls, which are a combination of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) bodies and ultra-realistic silicone heads. That's partly because people love the surrealism of silicone, but it tends to be a more expensive, stiffer material. When you combine a softer, more affordable TPE body with an ultra-realistic silicone mouthpiece, you can create the best of both worlds.

What is the FJ Doll experience like?

According to some, the main features are as follows.

1. The appearance is similar to the real person. Some finely crafted realistic dolls maintain a similar appearance to the real person, especially in terms of hairstyle, face shape, breasts, etc.

2. Experience physiological pleasure during use. Users can touch and kiss the sex doll while having "sex" with the physical doll. It is understood that some adult dolls have reasonable private parts, such as enhanced lubrication, and some are also equipped with electrical appliances.

3. Adult sex dolls can't help but make charming calls, making the user experience similar to real people. Some adult dolls use advanced technology and inject human elements to allow users to find more fun and fun. In fact, there are still a lot of sex doll experiences. With the continuous application of intelligent technology, the degree of intelligence of real dolls is getting higher and higher. If you really want to experience the feeling of a sex doll, you can choose a good sex doll from the adult product market.