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Evaluation of『Serena』WM Doll Realistic Mature BBW Sex Doll

$1,979.00 (Free shipping)
Customer Reviews:
(2 reviews)

Apr 5 , 2019
When she arrived I was very surprised, it was so comfortable I haven't played this for a long time. It can do it when I want it It works really well. I really like it It is much better than inferior in the market. The same feeling, really cool, the inner design is very good, the soft feeling of the skin is like touching the woman's skin, it is perfect! It is simply the gospel of our degree! I can't stop! There are many gifts, it's really great.
Apr 9 , 2019
Good evening, I purchased 158cm Sabine last time, but this time it reached 166cm. The Sabine was a wonderful work, but the 166cm Savannah I bought this time was also a wonderful work. This physical balance is an ideal promotion like never before, so I think fans are perfect. We think that we do not lose by buying.

Dec 24 , 2
With conscience, real love sex dolls can be given 9.5 points. The advantage is that it feels like a real person, especially after dressing, at first glance it feels like a real person. Disadvantage: The main problem is weight, dressing, bathing is troublesome, if the intensity is small, it is recommended to buy a little lighter.
Jul 1 , 20
Real sex doll is very nice. The makeup is pleasing to the eye with micro eyeshadow, cherry red lip design, and some aspects, and some aspects look better than the pictures. The details are in place, the material is very good, the steel bracket is not felt, it is very soft. The only downside is that it is too heavy. At first I thought the comments were too many and the actual points were good. I bought 1 meter 55, and the package is as tall as 1 meter and 56 meters tall. The main steel bracket, inner recess, and maximum radius can be almost inserted into the index finger, similar to the main bearing of the machine, and the thickness is much higher than the water pipe.
Nov 29 , 2
Best birth gift I'm is obsessed! If you have a lover of this sex doll this is a must. I was so excited to get her for my birth day!
Nov 24 , 2
The sex doll is beautiful with great attention to detail (much prettier than in the photos), it arrived before the estimated delivery date, perfectly packaged to guarantee the integrity of the original box. I am very happy with the purchase and I definitely recommend it to sex doll collectors.
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