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Review by David - Cheap Japanese Sex Doll Hitomi's Review

Japanese Sex doll Hitomi

My budget is not enough, but I want to buy a Japanese doll. Fortunately, I found Hitomi Tanaka. I was attracted by her delicate face, so I bought her. I received my doll 18 days later. To be honest, I was a bit complaining that they were shipping too slowly. But all the complaints disappeared after I received my doll. BEcause I felt great after I experienced her. It's great to buy such a real Japanese doll when my budget is limited!

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In the $1,000 sex doll, she is the best one, and she can meet all my needs.

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Do not show your dolls to people under 18

1. First of all, the sex doll products are aimed at adults. Whether buying or using, be careful not to show them in front of minors.

Pay attention to maintaining hygiene

2. There is also a product hygiene problem. Sex dolls are made of healthy and safe materials, and will not cause damage to the human body during use, but even so, pay attention to the maintenance of product hygiene.

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Don't expose your doll to the sun, this will make the material ageing faster. Please use the water regularly to rinse the doll.

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