Sex dolls & Lovers which one do You Choose?

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Sex dolls VS Lovers, which is suitable for you?

With the development of society, single men has become more and more. Most of the time because they are not good at dealing with people. But no matter what, this is a fact. Now, there is a question in front of you, that is, lovers and sex dolls, which one would you choose?

Choose sex dolls

The person making this choice may have been hurt by a woman before. Or can't stand the blame of a woman. They think women are too noisy, so they are more willing to find a quiet sex partner. One of my friends broke up with his girlfriend three years ago because of her bad temper. His girlfriend often blames him for doing housework too slowly, but she almost never does housework herself. He can't stand it anymore, so he decided to buy a sex doll. He got his real doll by his wish and put the doll in the room, assembled it, it looks exactly like a real person. At this moment, he can no longer hear blame, he forgot all the troubles, immersed himself in the doll's sexual experience. That's incredible!

real sex doll

Choose Lovers

I have a bad-tempered friend, and later I found a girlfriend who is not as good as his temper. They often quarrel because of no big deals. But when I really saw them, it was a surprise. My friend's temper is getting better and better, and his girlfriend is very gentle. When asked his secrets, he told me about one piece of their experience. Once, he and his girlfriend took the subway to the Happy Park. After leaving the station, the two men argued because of which exit to go. He insisted that it was relatively convenient to go out at the A station, and his girlfriend was determined to take the B exit. In the end, he could only turn to the staff in the subway. The staff glanced at them and said only one sentence: Go to the Happy Park and take the A exit, and retain your girlfriend to take the B exit.

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