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Japanese Sex Doll Review - Men and their lovely wives

Overview of Japanese dolls

The Japanese sex doll is a simulated adult sex toy that can help sexually demanded people to satisfy the release of desire. The raw material for the inflatable doll is silica gel or TPE, which is carefully crafted to mimic the human body structure. Its size, skin, and so on are similar to real people, and it is soft, comfortable, and active. The appearance and function of advanced Japanese sex dolls are even the same as real people!

In Japan, the United States, Italy, the United Kingdom and other countries, the use of dolls is a very common behavior, and will not be surprised to see inflatable dolls. Even in some families, the wife took the initiative to buy inflatable dolls for her husband. This is to solve the problem of husband's sexual intercourse when the couple is inconvenient to avoid the problem of promiscuity and sexually transmitted diseases. A few years ago, there was a question about the film "Lars and the Real Girl". It tells the story of a man who cares about inflatable dolls and is accompanied by inflatable dolls all the time. He is also very popular with fans.

I don't have sex with my silicone doll

Nick 2019-05-08

Japanese sex doll

In the small circle of playing silicone dolls, and other baby friends are kindly calling him "Doll Master". I am just a doll collector. I only use silicone dolls as a work of art.


My love story with Suki

Nick 2019-05-09

Japanese doll Suki

Maybe you sound ridiculous, but this is what I want to do. Suki brings me too much, I want to travel with her.


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