Life Size Asian Style Japanese Love Doll Comment Summary



Jul 25, 2019

Reviews of『Miri』Japanese Style Real Life Sex Dolls

After I received my real doll, I quickly started to have sex with sex doll, and she looked exactly like the sex doll in the picture. The gifts they send are also very practical, erotic lingerie, condoms, wigs, etc. Very caring seller, and heating bar, the feeling of warmth below is similar to the experience of real people. The feeling after matching with lubricating oil is very real.



Jul 25, 2019

Comment of『Lazuli』Japanese Anime Realistic Sex Doll

It's been 8 years since I saw Japanese anime. I have been a fanatic of Japanese anime. I found Oksexdoll when I used Google to search Japanese anime sex dolls last month. They really sell very awesome sex dolls. I was very interested in her when I first saw Lazuli. Since she was made by Doll House168. The quality was definitely good. Later I chose shrugging option and paid for her. After about two weeks, I received my manga sex doll. She is so amazing, I really enjoy sex with her.



Sep 16, 2019

Evaluation of『Hayami』Lifelike Japanese Sex Dolls

When I first saw Hanyami, I was thinking, did she look more like a Korean? Why do the guys of Oksexdoll classify her as a classification of Japanese sex dolls? This made me laugh, but in any case, she is the fucking a sex doll I have been looking for. I don't care too much about the price of a sex doll, because the real dolls here are cheaper than the dolls of other sex doll shops. So I bought her. Her lips and her ass are so sexy, of course, this will only be known after having sex with her.



Dec 24, 2019

Reviews of『Hitomi』Japanese Style Life Size Cheap Sex Doll

My budget is not enough, but I want to buy a Japanese sex doll. Fortunately, I found Hitomi. I was attracted by her delicate face, so I bought her. I received my doll 12 days later. To be honest, I was a bit complaining that they were shipping too slowly. But all the complaints disappeared after I received my sex doll. Because I felt great after I experienced her. It's great to buy such a real Japanese love doll when my budget is limited!



Nov 24, 2019

Evaluation of『Fuji』Qita Brand TPE Real Sex Doll Black Hair

Soft and pink, too irritating, too comfortable, she can also lick, it is great, the quality is very good, the material is also no smell, the production process is great.



Oct 27, 2019

Evaluation of『Suki』Asian Style Celebrity Sex Dolls

The touch is soft and comfortable, and it feels very much! The quality is reliable, a bit shy to buy this stuff, the material is very soft, it is really great, the function is very good, very real, very comfortable, feels really good.



Sep 29, 2019

Reviews of『Kiko』Popular Oval Face Japanese Real Sex Doll

I didn't find the option I wanted on the sex doll purchase page, then I contacted OkSexDoll's customer service by email, and finally they customized Kiko for me based entirely on my personal needs. It was exactly the same as I wanted. The customization function was really powerful. And OkSexDoll also sent some small gifts to me, I like them very much.



Sep 16, 2019

Evaluation of『Keomi』Qita Doll Asian Style Milf Sex Doll

Keomi is really tall and thin, you will know that she is my dream, the world has very few tall Japanese sex dolls, I just like this doll. After receiving my doll, I found that the doll's head and body are separate, because there are instructions in the box, so I can easily assemble the doll. Then I gave the doll a make-up and then heated her up, so I began to enjoy her sex experience.



Sep 11, 2019

Reviews of『Emica』Lovely WM Brand Japanese Real Sex Doll

I saw Emica on youtube, this is a super cute Japanese sex doll, I realized she was available at the OkSexDoll store, so I bought her. I received my doll about two weeks later, I can't wait to open the air box, and then touch her, her skin is like a real skin, which is why I recommend buying a high-end Japanese-style sex doll. It is really worth it. You can pay for a lifetime.



Sep 02, 2019

Evaluation of『Enxi』Korean Actress Realistic Asian Sex Doll

The overall artistic beauty was more realistic than the pictures and was built into the details, so it feels like a skilled craftsman is making it. I was comparing dolls from various doll makers for several months, but I was attracted to real sex doll's realism and purchased it, but I am satisfied with the realism that there is no mistake. I look forward to more advanced dolls in the future.



Jul 12, 2019

Reviews of『Aki』New Technology Asian Style AI Sex Doll

Worth buying is definitely better than watching adult videos. At any time you can have sex with sex doll. She has big breasts, nice body, and her vaginal is delicious. You can use her ass or a condom. She is very valuable to buy today and will definitely make you happy.



Jun 22, 2019

Evaluation of『Sabine』Japanese Anime Silicone Sex Doll

Really good position, very good, realistic and beautiful, you can be in any position. I don't know how to explain it, in short, very happy. Customer service is very patient and questions are answered carefully. It was only at the beginning that I felt that my joints were a bit stiff and maybe unfamiliar, but it was nice to turn it a few more times. It has been used for a long time, and it is still very tight.



Mar 09, 2019

Comments of『Hilary』Sino Doll Stunning Silicone Sex Doll

Privacy is very good. The materials are also good. It feels good. It feels very smooth, just like the real thing. There is no smell when used. And love doll dressed up a little like a sexy beauty. Very realistic, the price is very satisfactory and reasonable.



Mar 05, 2019

Evaluation of『Jacqueline』Japanese Sino Silicone Sex Doll

The silicone sex doll has been received for two days. The picture description is in line with the real thing. The quality is good. It uses high-quality silicone without odor. It feels good. It is soft and comfortable to touch.



Mar 02, 2019

Reviews of『Aileen』Japanese Silicone Sex Doll Cosplay Navy

Very beautiful received real sex doll. Perfect workmanship, feel comfortable, safe material touched slippery, things tasteless, soft touch, feel, quality is like a lever, really like, package is very private, no leaking information , Service is very good, everything is the same as the seller said, logistics is also very fast, 5 stars.

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