Album of Black Hair WM Big Booty TPE Sex Doll『Kathleen』

Admin 2019-12-12

Sex Doll Parameter

Height 156cm(5ft1) Weight 39.5kg
Bust 93cm(36.6″) Vagina 17cm(6.7″)
Hips 96cm(37.8″) Anus 17cm(6.7″)
Waist 54cm(21.3″) Mouth 15cm(5.9″)

Product Description

In the market, sex doll are usually made of high-quality medical-grade polymeric thermoplastic elastomer. Thermoplastic elastomer(TPE), also known as synthetic rubber or synthetic rubber. The TPE sex doll not only simplifies the machining process but also reduces machining costs. Therefore, the thermoplastic elastomer TPE material has become the latest alternative to traditional rubber. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, comfortable to touch, exquisite in appearance and makes the product more creative. Therefore, it is also a new humanized and high-grade synthetic material, and it is also a world standard environmental protection material.

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