Pictures of Safe TPE Material Tanned WM Sex Doll『Savannah』

Admin 2019-12-30

Sex Doll Parameter

Height 166cm(5ft4) Weight 33kg
Bust 81cm(31.9″) Vagina 17cm(6.7″)
Hips 84cm(33.1″) Anus 17cm(6.7″)
Waist 53cm(20.9″) Mouth 15cm(6.3″)

Product Description

When we talk about sex dolls, the first reaction is always sex. But in reality, the role of real sex doll is not just sex. When you consider her your partner, what she can do with you goes far beyond your imagination. In real life, there are actually a lot of people who love lifelike sex dolls, they take them to various places, and go to choose clothes together and go to weddings, also upload various photos and videos.

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