Thiede 158cm TPE C-cup Y2K Girl Sex Doll Gallery

The Story Of American Girl Doll Sex

Thiede is a American Sex Doll,she is trying out for the professional cheerleading team and needs a confidence boost. This isn't college or high school, she can't just look cute and show up. She must be flawless and only real sex dolls can be designed to perfection. Her technique, her looks and her body have to withstand the toughest test. The army green outfit is spot on - a sexy and flirty casual summer ensemble. The cheering she practiced was superb, not a single flaw or error. Everything will be fine.There is no doubt that she is a TPE sex doll, with a body that feels so incredibly soft and smooth that you will not be able to hold back. Her small breasts are lifelike and you can knead and caress them and they will shake at the slightest movement. She'll also show you how she can move - using her inner metal skeleton and can take on all sorts of interesting positions. So you want to hang out in her room while the love doll shows you her moves?