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  • Anonymous

    Jul 25, 2019


    Height: 148cm

    Brand: Oksexdoll

    Material: TPE

    After I received my real doll, I quickly started to have sex with sex doll, and she looked exactly like the sex doll in the picture. The gifts they send are also very practical, erotic lingerie, condoms, wigs, etc. Very caring seller, and heating bar, the feeling of warmth below is similar to the experience of real people. The feeling after matching with lubricating oil is very real.

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  • Alex

    Sep 13, 2019


    Height: 148cm

    Brand: Oksexdoll

    Material: TPE

    The first feeling that Miri gave me was that she was very obedient. Perhaps this is the characteristic of this Japanese doll. I always wanted a maid as a girlfriend, so I searched the Oksexdoll online store online. I was attracted by the style of their website. I clicked into the Japanese sex doll collection, I soon saw Miri, a Japanese sex doll dressed in a maid. I tentatively filled out my receipt information but didn't pay. Later, Oksexdoll's customer service contacted me. They solved all the problems I wanted to know. I bought this sex doll. After two weeks, I finally received my love doll, this is great.

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