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The B cup is one of the more common cups among oriental women. Although not big, the chest shape is beautiful, full and upturned, most of the beautiful women in life are the chest of the B cup.

About Bra Cup

The word "Cup" is determined by the French. Because the bra was invented by the French in the 1920s, its former name was Corset. And the word is derived from French. While the French invented the bra, the unit of chest or breast size derived therefrom was also determined. The word cup is translated quite image by the Chinese, because in addition to the belt, the bra has two covers that cover the chest like a cup. The size of the cup is measured by the size of the cup, which is simple and easy to understand.

The size of the cup is determined by its depth. The highest point of the breast (one of the measurements) minus the length of the circumference of the breast

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