Most High Profile C Cup Medium Boobs Sex Dolls for Sale

If you are obsessed with the charm of C cup women, our C cup sex doll are a good choice. We all know that the most attractive female breast size for men is the C cup. The breasts of C-cup dolls look more sexy and attractive. Sex dolls with such a hot body are what every man should look like in a perfect woman. C-cup breasts can also be filled with premium gel material to give you a real breast feel.

The Difference Between B Cup Sex Doll And C Cup Love Dolls?

1. The difference between the upper and lower busts is different: the cup is determined by the difference between the upper bust and the lower bust. The difference between the upper and lower bust of the b cup sex doll is within 12.5cm, and the difference between the upper and lower bust of the c cup is within 15cm.

2. Different volumes: The volume of the C cup is larger than that of the B cup. This means that the breasts of C-cup love dolls are fuller, fuller and softer to the touch, and even more sexy when dressed.

3. Different chest shapes: Different cups have a profound impact on the shaping and maintenance of the chest shape. B cups are suitable for girls with smaller breasts, and C cups are suitable for girls with larger breasts, which can better reflect the curve of the body. beautiful.

Why Do Sex Dolls with C Cup Breasts Attract The Most Attention of Men?

Men's libido is easily aroused. Studies have found that men are naturally interested in women's bodies, and the male brain is like a machine that can be turned on by a single stimulus. A picture of a woman's breasts, a man and a woman kissing, and a woman's buttocks can all arouse male libido. C cups are the most attractive to men. No matter in size or touch, medium breast sex doll have unique advantages.

How Does C Cup Sex Doll Ignite Your Passion?

The C cup refers to the difference between the upper and lower bust (the difference between the tip of the breast and the lowermost end of the breast) is 15 cm for the female cup.

A real sex doll of c cup chest often has pink pussy,probably.You can easily insert you big cock into it.

You Can Also Choose Dolls By Choosing The Number of Cups

Because everyone's aesthetics are different, the degree of attraction to female breasts is also different. Different sizes of breasts have their own unique charm, so many people will find their own sex dolls by choosing the breast size.

We have nearly 2000 love dolls, they are classified by cup, there will be beauty sex doll, A cup sex dolls, B cup sex dolls. C cup sex dolls, D cup sex dolls, E cup sex dolls, F cup sex dolls, G cup sex dolls, F cup sex dolls, H cup sex dolls, and a huge M cup sex doll. You can quickly find your favorite sex doll in the above categories.