Daveler H-cup Anime Big Eyed Girl 155cm TPE Sex Doll Image

The Story Of Anime Love Doll

Daveler is a Anime Sex Dolls,Sexy as fuck, she is a real love doll brand. Aside from being ravishingly sexy, what makes them unique is the ability to swap heads at will, allowing you to have multiple styles of hybrid sex doll. These sex dolls are beautiful works of art. The face is flawless with a cartoonish snub nose and full pouty lips, the body is light yet curvy with full, bouncy, teardrop-shaped breasts and a round, smacky ass. And her skin feels super soft and offers a superior sensory experience.What's more, this amazingly well endowed, high quality body will seduce you like no other! It packs curves in all the right places and has an incredible amount of soft and meaty padding for the inevitable boost.