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ElsaBabe Sex Doll
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Cartoon Silicone Sex Doll
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Small Boobs Doll
ElsaBabe B-cup Real Sex Doll
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Lifelike Cartoon Sex Doll
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Cartoon Sex Doll
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Teen Small Boobs Doll
ElsaBabe 148cm Sex Doll
B-cup Real Sex Doll
ElsaBabe Silicone Doll

Ayame 148cm Silicone Love Dolls B-cup Real Size Anime Sex Doll




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Labor Day Flash Sale
Time: 2022.4.29 - 2022.5.8
1. A male masturbator
2. A $300 gift package, including exquisite doll costumes, wigs, eyeballs, etc.
3. One blind box gift
4. A lottery ticket (issued with the doll), the prize is a 102 cm ElsaBabe doll, a total of 15 units will be given out during the event, and the prize will be redeemed with the lottery ticket.

Package List

Doll x1 | Blanket x1 | Gloves x1 | Wigs x1 | Combs x1

Doll clothes x1 | Cleaning tool x1 | Heating rod x1

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Product Option
Official Brand:
ElsaBabe Doll

Special Lucky Bag

Special offer

Free Gift(Male Masturbators)

Breast Size

Eyes Color

Lip Color

Breast Options

Gel-filled breasts option is only available for dolls with the cup size C - F.Gel-filled ,Heated and Respiratory Functions cannot coexist.

Vaginal Structure


The sex doll with standing feet can stand on its own. Note: The doll cannot stand with non-standing feet.

Tongue Type

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$2,470.80 $ 2,059.00 2059.00
Body Parameters of Real Size Anime Sex Doll
Height Cup Weight Bust Hips Waistline Vaginal Depth Anal Depth Oral Depth
148cm B 25kg 60cm 74cm 41cm 15.5cm 12cm 11.5cm
148cm F 25kg 70cm 74cm 41cm 15.5cm 12cm 11.5cm
148cm I 25kg 80cm 74cm 41cm 15.5cm 12cm 11.5cm
Product Details
Ayame is come from Cartoon, she is a Teen real doll.
Material Made of Medical Grade Silicone | Stainless Steel Frame
Brand ElsaBabe Doll
Year of Use 5 To 10 Years
Softness Very Soft And Skin-friendly
Commodity Use For sexual Intercourse | For Viewing | For Photography
① Vaginal Cleaner x1
② Special Gloves x1
③ Wig x1
④ Vaginal Heater x1
⑤ Wig Comb x1
⑥ Underwear x1
【Standard Function】
・ Line of Sight Is Movable・Knuckle
【Sexual Intercourse Mode】
・Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, Oral Sex
【Custom Function】
・ You can freely customize and order makeup, skin color, options, etc.
「Private Custom」
・If you want to customize your real doll according to your own requirements, please click on the email below to contact us!
Instructions On Buying Sex Dolls

Real Size Anime Sex Doll Activity Range

In addition to the neck, shoulders, knees, and hips, the skeleton has been prepared for fine parts such as the wrist, hip, and ankle. Therefore, it is possible to bend and fix almost all points, and to enjoy it visually with various poses. It is finished with flexible skin like a real human being, and the touched feeling is almost the same as that of a human being. The skeleton is crafted to move in the same way as a human being, and the indirect movable range is wide, so it can be used in any position. Since the screw is in the foot, you can stand upright for a long time on a flat surface.

realistic sex doll movable

Features of Lifelike Cartoon Sex Doll

1. 100% guarantee the same quality as the photo
2. Please feel free to contact us when you want to see shipping images and videos.
3. Suitable for healing, ornamental use, and sexual treatment. Not only for sexual pleasure, but also for endless uses such as dressing up, sleeping together, photography, and cosplay.
4. Bust triple structure: Natural softness similar to a female bust and breast shaking
5. You can experience softness close to human skin. You can keep touching the boobs and butt of real life sex dolls

1. We recommend you to use a “water-based lubricant” when entering the vaginal, anal and oral canals to prevent tearing of the skin. Of course, using a condom will be better.

2. If you like the doggy-style, don't put weight on your love dolls hands or wrists. Protect her palm support your sex dolls torso beneath her with pillows or quilt or other soft objects.

3. Realistic sex doll has a metal skeleton with several fixed and movable joints that allow her to be flexible and perform a wide range of poses. But we suggest that you don't put the real sex dolls in a difficult position, avoid using sharp objects, fire source, hair drier, they will hurt your doll skin, stretching of limbs and extreme force with your doll as it could damage the doll’s soft skin and skeleton too.

4. All real doll need be cleaned after sex, you can put her in water or shower with her, but be careful do not let her head or neck submerge under the water. If you want to clean your dolls face, very gently wipe with a wet cloth and mild antibacterial soap is ok.

5. After naturally dry, please use baby powder with the included brush to keep her skin soft and velvety.

6. Take care to make sure that any clothing you will put on your lifelike sex doll is color transfer resistant. Though stain remover does an excellent job of removing most clothing stains, there are something can be difficult or even impossible remove it.

7. In order to prevent aging of the material, don't expose your real dolls to direct sunlight for long times.

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