Gallery of Blue Eyes Beautiful Qita Sex Doll『Brandy』

Admin 2019-11-05

Sex Doll Parameter

Height 170cm(67.0″) Weight 48kg
Bust 89cm(35.0″) Vagina 18cm(7.1″)
Hips 89cm(35.0″) Anus 15cm(5.9″)
Waist 57cm(22.4″) Mouth 15.5cm(6.1″)

Best Material For Realistic Sex Doll

TPE is a type of thermoplastic elastomer material that has both plastic and rubber properties. One of the key points when choosing a life size sex doll is the difference in materials. It is softer than silicon and close to human skin. It also has excellent warmth and elasticity, so it was possible to realize whether it was a realistic sex doll or a human at first glance. In addition, luxury TPE sex dolls can be offered at a much lower price than silicone sex doll.

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