Photos of Uniform Temptation Full Size Sex Doll『Joanne』

Admin 2019-12-12

Sex Doll Parameter

Height 170cm(5ft6) Weight 42kg
Bust 80cm(31.5″) Vagina 21cm(8.3″)
Hips 90cm(35.4″) Anus 14cm(5.5″)
Waist 68cm(36.8″)

Product Description

The real sex doll body is modeled with a supple curvaceous beauty that can be described as a “female golden ratio style”. To the feminine rounded body line Joanne features the three-dimensional body and a small-faced head with a paranoid swell! All youthful bodies at the time of eating, such as a nice waistline that emphasizes bust and a sexy back line, are yours. Please experience the outstanding feeling of flesh and the best insertion feeling realistically.

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