Images of Japanese Style Lifelike Sex Dolls『Rosetta』

Admin 2019-12-12

Sex Doll Parameter

Height 170cm(5ft6) Weight 42kg
Bust 80cm(31.5″) Vagina 21cm(8.3″)
Hips 90cm(35.4″) Anus 14cm(5.5″)
Waist 68cm(36.8″)

Product Description

TPE is lighter and softer than silicone, has less bleed (oil on the surface), is almost the odorless, and is the highest quality material that is difficult to tear. Combining the TPE elastomer material close to human skin with a slenless skeleton, the result is a real human finish. This is the Rosetta's real sex doll photos summary list page. We will deliver the image, which is exactly the same as the actual real love sex dolls etch free image.

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