Quincey F-cup TPE 164cm Elegant Beauty Sex Doll Picture

The Story Of American Love Doll

Quincey she's a American Sex Doll,Quincey is a stylish beautiful sex doll. She only likes to open up to her sweetheart at night, but she moans so loudly that her neighbor complains every time she's in action with her boyfriend. But she dresses as a fine lady during the day. Maybe she's just a naughty girl after all?Quincey is the latest adult silicone doll with highly realistic skin under the WM Doll brand. It is made of food-grade silicone material, and in addition to the real female body's organs, the meridians and blood vessels are also clearly visible. She has every naughty tool to seduce you in bed. In particular, the Asian silicone sex doll has a built-in metal skeleton that supports her and lets her pose in any dirty way you want. Her body is so soft and meaty that it will be almost impossible to take your hands off her.