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Gunvor 165cm TPE D-cup Beautiful Bride Sex Doll Pictures

The Story Of Asian Skinny Sex Doll

Meet Gunvor – Our Ideal sex dolls

Check out your hottest real Gunvor. Check out the pictures so you can play your long-hidden fantasies.

Do you like boring housewives? She was in bed waiting for the man to get distracted again...while her husband was gone. Is having your own Asian mistress an illusion? Well, you can!

At 165cm she is a pleasing size. I leaned her against the wall and hugged her from behind. Put her on the bed and pierce her as much as you want. Did you decide to get her brown hair done?

Or do you want a handful of her straight black hair? She's ready for you to enter her sexy pussy and grab her perfect D cup boobs. Decide if you want her shaved clean.

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Doll Parameters:
Sex doll Manufacturer: WM Doll
Height 165cm Weight 29kg Cup D Cup
Upper Bust 94cm Hips 77.5cm Waistline 49cm
Vaginal Depth 18cm Anal Depth 15cm Oral Depth 12cm
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