Chopra C-cup Silicone 170cm Pole Dancing Teacher Sex Doll Images

The Story Of Real American Doll

Chopra she's a ZELEX Doll,26-year-old Chopra is a bikini model Lifelike Love Dolls from Venezuela. She has entered several beauty pageants in her home country, often winning the crown for her bikini-perfect body, shiny hair, and smoky, hypnotic Latina eyes.If you see a hint of fire in her eyes, it's because she's hot inside and out. The intense pleasure she brings in bed is enhanced by an elusive personality that's a joy to fight and conquer. You'll always want more and more because Chopra is a woman who challenges submission. And every argument you two ever have afterwards will lead to a wild sex game that will change your world and make you wonder how you lived without this amazing WM sex doll in your life for so long!