Bakshi 162cm TPE E-cup Gentle Girlfriend Sex Doll Photo

The Story Of American Love Dolls

Bakshi she's a American Sex Doll,This is Theresia coming from the WM Dolls workshop. She likes red wine and chocolate, but eroticism and sex come first. She hopes you enjoy her sexy pictures. Because she likes to be the center of attention, show off and take photos. She is a sexy girl blonde sex doll that never spoils the fun. Don't think of her as an easy girl. Theresia likes romance, snuggling under the covers, but honestly she enjoys experimenting with sex the most.She longs to find her chosen master, to whom she will grant everything she sees in his eyes. And she would show you how good she is at oral sex. But she prefers to make love from behind. You will see that the sex doll is almost like a real woman in appearance and touch. Her body is flexible and supple, which you'll appreciate as you try different sex positions together. If you like them, remember to read the blog on how to take good care of them so that the TPE sex dolls are always beautiful and sexy.