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Why Asian sex dolls become popular?

When it comes to Asian sex dolls, many people think of their yellow skin and slender figure. But in fact, there are also many white-skinned Asian girls, such as many Korean girls whose skin is white. And many other types of girls have more yellow skin, such as Chinese girls, Japanese girls, Thai girls, and so on. So why do so many people in the world like Asian dolls? Probably because of the following three reasons.


Many Asian girls have cute characteristics, they will be spoiled and will show you their gentle side to you. Just like these Chinese sex dolls will do the same for you.


Their bodies are often very slim, while their prominent chest and ass make them look curvy. This is well reflected in the Korean sex doll Monica. When you see them, you will think: "I wish I was that curvy"


Japanese people pay attention to coordination and unity in dressing, and Japanese girls look very small, like a little sister of yours. These Japanese girls are generally more obedient, so those sex doll lovers who like Japanese girls will definitely like Japanese sex dolls.

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