Gallery of Charming high level Sex Doll『Jennifer』

Admin 2019-11-05

Sex Doll Parameter

Height 148cm(58.3″) Weight 26.25kg
Bust 83cm(32.7″) Vagina 18cm(7.1″)
Hips 75cm(29.5″) Anus 16cm(6.3″)
Waist 48cm(18.9″) Mouth 13cm(5.12″)

About fucking a sex doll Jennifer

Jennifer's sexy pictures. It is a sexual attraction, a form and atmosphere that makes women feel sexual. These sex doll pictures show that she has a soft, rounded body with a fine brown skin that is unique to women. Rich boobs and big booty. Spread your legs, stick out your butt, or lie down and watch this. The presence of a woman who works on the sexual desire of a man is erotic.

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