Photos of Short Hair WM Blonde TPE Sex Doll『Connie』

Admin 2019-12-12

Sex Doll Parameter

Height 168cm(5ft5) Weight 36kg
Bust 91cm(35.8″) Vagina 18cm(7.1″)
Hips 90cm(35.4″) Anus 15cm(5.9″)
Waist 60cm(23.6″) Mouth 12cm(4.7″)

Product Description

This is Japanese sex doll pictures. Gallery of fucking a sex doll, a pseudo sex tool. Real sex doll is a love doll that is made to imitate a real woman and is created for a man to enjoy fake sex. The highly elastic skeletal parts embedded inside support the body softly and bring out outstanding stability. Please enjoy playing in any position, including cowgirl. The feel of the ribs is transmitted to the fingertips and the presence is also improved.

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