Photos of WM Brand Chubby Sex Doll Doctor Suit『Roxanne』

Admin 2019-12-13

Sex Doll Parameter

Height 156cm(5ft1) Weight 45kg
Bust 102cm(40.2") Vagina 17cm(6.7″)
Hips 109cm(42.9") Anus 17cm(6.7″)
Waist 63.5cm(25") Mouth 15cm(5.9″)

Product Description

♥ 1. When cleaning, please wash with shower and still water. The shower temperature should be 40 ° C or lower, and it can be washed with soap, shower gel, laundry detergent, dishwashing detergent.
♥ 2. Do not put water into the neck connection. Failure to do so may result in water rust. Because real sex doll is a special material, it is easy to be dyed.
♥ 3. Wash once on average for 10-20 days and use talcum powder after bathing to prevent oil from coming out and cracking; if you apply pressure on one side for a long time, you may get a impression With that side up, you can revive in a few days.
♥ 4. Do not bend your limbs for as long as possible. Do not sit in any position other than sitting or setting up at the factory. Please do not stand products that are not the type to stand.

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