Gallery of WM Doll Pretty Girl Small Breast Sex Doll『Hiroko』

Admin 2019-12-30

Sex Doll Parameter

Height 156cm(5ft1) Weight 29kg
Bust 73cm(28.7") Vagina 18cm(7.1″)
Hips 79cm(31.1") Anus 15cm(5.9″)
Waist 58cm(22.8") Mouth 12cm(4.7″)

Product Description

Sexual desire is one of the common topics that everyone encounters. Since puberty, sexual desire is natural and is dominated by people. Masturbation and the use of sex toys are very common when people do not have appropriate sexual partners. Real sex dolls made from TPE can be stretched to different sizes for ease of use. At the same time it can get a fierce climax by making it as a girl, and it seems to be the best way to gain the sex doll's passion.

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