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Japanese sex doll Emica is showing her pretty breast

Jack 2019-05-15

Why is Emica so popular in Japan?

Japanese people think that cute women are the most attractive. Japanese calls it "Kawaii", and women's cuteness is even more important than beauty. The important sign that reflects the cuteness of women is the smile. The most cute smile of the woman defined by the Japanese is the so-called "eight-toothed" smile. The girl's teeth are not arranged neatly, and the smile of the tiger's teeth is the cutest. European and American women's lips and lips are sexy, and the teeth are neat and white. For this reason, most children have to wear braces from an early age to correct irregular teeth. If the teeth are not arranged properly, it will even affect the shape and not have a perfect smile.

Japanese sex doll Emica

Japanese girl likes makeup

The time spent by Japanese women on make-up is about one hour, and only makeup can go out. In Japan, women's makeup in public has become a social etiquette, otherwise it will be considered a manifestation of rudeness. Japanese beauty makeup technology is superb, and many ordinary women look like two people after finishing makeup. Japanese people have never appreciated the so-called perfect face type, similar to Sasaki Miki, the perfect facial features such as Kitagawa Keiko, which are not very popular in Japan, mainly lacking features, glamorous and not cute. So that's why oksexdoll's Japanese sex dolls are so cute.

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