May 12 2022

158CM COS Sex Doll Skinny Video

The Story Of Sex Doll Skinny Videos

Abrianna she's a Skinny Sex Dolls in a sexy outfit, staring at us with a gentle yet provocative devilish smile. Put on a strap that doesn't seem to fit her slender waist, stroke it like a handjob, and the hands that make her erect are very horny. Squirt the erect penis with the hand, and attack the anus by returning to the position, making the anus orgasm. You can feel it wherever you're touched, like throwing nasty words at you with a cute voice, or being attacked by slender fingertips. The masochistic play of being shaken from behind by a woman in strap-on anal games is irresistible, and the lewd play seems to shame the brain. Dry orgasm jobs that make you want to be accused by a cute white peach trying to be a girl, such as strap-on blowjob.

Sex doll Manufacturer: COS Doll

Height 158cm Weight 25KG Cup F Cup
Upper Bust 80cm Hips 76cm Waistline 49cm
Vaginal Depth 17cm Anal Depth 17cm Oral Depth 12cm