Sex Doll Lorraine
165cm Cute Skinny Boy Fucks Sex Doll
ElsaBabe Sexy Doll
Milk Skin, Slender Waist And Unforgettable Breasts silicone Real Sex Dolls
silicone Dolls
Asian silicone Sexy Doll
Skinny Sex Doll
Milk Skin, Slender Waist And Unforgettable Breasts Real Sex Dolls
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Young Dignified Elegant Beauty Sexy Doll
Young Sexy Doll
31.5kg Real Sex Dolls
Cute Skinny Boy Fucks Sex Doll
M -cup Skinny Sex Doll
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Realistic Sex Doll Skinny
Young Milk Skin, Slender Waist And Unforgettable Breasts Sexy Doll
ElsaBabe 165cm Real Sex Dolls
M -cup Dolls
ElsaBabe Realistic Sex Doll Skinny

ElsaBabe Sex Doll Big Boobs Sex Doll 165 Doll M-Cup silicone Dolls Young Dignified Elegant Beauty Skinny Sex Doll




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ElsaBabe products are sexy girls who simulate reality with perfect body proportions. It is a unique and creative new product on the market. It is made of 100% medical silicone, non-toxic, odorless, comfortable to the touch, and feels almost real.

Package List

Blanket x1 | Gloves x1 | Wigs x1 | Combs x1

Doll clothes x1 | Cleaning tool x1 | Heating rod x1

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Product Option
Official Brand:
ElsaBabe Doll

Breast Size

Eyes Color

Lip Color

Breast Options

Gel-filled breasts option is only available for dolls with the cup size C - F.

Vaginal Structure


The sex doll with standing feet can stand on its own. Note: The doll cannot stand with non-standing feet.

Tongue Type

Shipping Method:UPS / DHL


$3,574.00 $ 2,502.00 2502.00
Body Parameters of Skinny Sex Doll
Height Cup Weight Bust Hips Waistline Vaginal Depth Anal Depth Oral Depth
165cm A 34.7kg 76cm 86cm 50cm 15.5cm 12cm 11.5cm
165cm C 34.7kg 84cm 86cm 55cm 15.5cm 12cm 11.5cm
165cm F 34.7kg 90cm 86cm 55cm 15.5cm 12cm 11.5cm
165cm G 34.7kg 92cm 86cm 55cm 15.5cm 12cm 11.5cm
165cm H 34.7kg 95cm 86cm 55cm 15.5cm 12cm 11.5cm

Products Real Shots

165cm silicone Sexy Doll Asian M -cup Real Sex Dolls Young Dolls 165cm Milk Skin, Slender Waist And Unforgettable Breasts Sexy Doll
Realistic Sex Doll Skinny M -cup Real Sex Dolls ElsaBabe M -cup Dolls 165cm ElsaBabe Skinny Sex Doll Milk Skin, Slender Waist And Unforgettable Breasts Cute Skinny Boy Fucks Sex Doll
Product Details
Lorraine is come from Asian, she is a Cute Skinny Boy Fucks Sex Doll.
Material Made of Medical Grade TPE | Stainless Steel Frame
Brand ElsaBabe Doll
Year of Use 5 To 10 Years
Softness Very Soft And Skin-friendly
Commodity Use For sexual Intercourse | For Viewing | For Photography

Doll Parameters

Manual Measurement, The Error Will Be About 1cm
Height 165CM Weight 31.5KG Breast M Cup
Upper Bust 84CM Hips 86CM Waistline 55CM
Vaginal Depth 15.5CM Anal Depth 12.5CM Oral Depth None
① Vaginal Cleaner x1
② Special Gloves x1
③ Wig x1
④ Vaginal Heater x1
⑤ Wig Comb x1
⑥ Underwear x1
【Standard Function】
・ Oral is Possible・Line of Sight Is Movable・Knuckle
【Sexual Intercourse Mode】
・Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex
【Custom Function】
・ You can freely customize and order makeup, skin color, options, etc.
「Private Custom」
・If you want to customize your real doll according to your own requirements, please click on the email below to contact us!
Instructions On Buying Realistic Sex Doll Skinny

Lorraine admires this Skinny Sex Dolls beautiful nude, smooth skin with wonderful pink nipples. Healthy nudes paired with brown skin are exciting too, but the trend in the world is still whitening. Fair-skinned beauties are going to fall off. Such beautiful women are all naked, again showing off beautiful nudes. It seems that quite a few girls have pale pink nipples because of their fair skin. Pure white skin, pink nipples, black hair between her crotch, the mischievous contrast aroused her libido.

How to Use The Doll?

The dolls need to apply lubricant before use . Do not be too violent, the doll is delicate, please try your best to give a best care. The quality of skeleton is the best material in the county, but it is best not to use violence or neglect to avoid unnecessary damage and trouble. Avoid scratching with the nail or sharp objects, the doll’s skin is not human skin that which is easy to be split due to improper use.

How to Deal with Sex Doll Pressure Marks?

We use anti-pressure skin material, the doll's skin is hard to produce the pressure marks. If it do happens, please release the pressure for a while, it will recover by itself. If it isn’t recovered for a while, please use some warm wet towel covering the pressure marks area for a while and do it repeatedly, this will help remove the pressure marks.

Precautions in The Process of Using Real Life Teen Sex Dolls

1.Don’t bend the limbs for a long time, don’t keep the doll in sitting or standing position for a long time.

2.Don’t make the non-standing dolls stand, otherwise the foot skeleton will pierce the skin and damage the doll.

3.Don’t make the doll do splits position.

4.Don’t lift the doll arms up.

5.Don’t store the doll in an upright position, store it in flat position.

6.Don’t rinse the vagina with running water.

7.Don’t do large area washing of the face. When the face is stained, apply some make-up remover oil or white oil with a cotton swab and scrub slowly.

8.Avoid contact contact of the doll skin with a knife or other sharp objects to prevent cut and scratching.

9.Keep the doll away from fire as the material is flammable.

10.Don’t disinfect and clean with 84 disinfectant and other strong irritating liquid such as alcohol.

11.Purchase and use with caution if you are allergic. Allergic people should test the product materials, baby powder and cosmetics before use. It is recommended to check with the manufacturer for a piece of material before purchasing to confirm that you will not be allergic to this product.

12.If the eyes look different in size, you can manually adjust the eyeballs (push to make the eyes look smaller, and pull them out to make the eyes look larger).

13.Please choose a white intranet wig as possible as you can when wearing the doll with a wig.

14.Avoid wearing the doll with dark color clothes as the material is easy to be dyed. Once dyed, it is difficult to clean completely.

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Customized dolls:

-United States and Canada: 1-3 weeks.
-Other countries: 1-4 weeks.

Returns: Sex toys and dolls are private products made just for you. This is why we do not provide returns.

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