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QITA Doll Everleigh Half Body 48cm Small Torso Sex Doll

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Pubic Hair

Price: $593.00 $711.60

Story about Torso Sex Doll

The torso doll Everleigh is a new half-length sex doll launched by Qita brand. Its skin color is the same as the photo. The vagina is one-piece. It has two holes for vagina and anus for sexual intercourse. It has a heating function. The vagina is heated by an external power supply. After adding lubricating fluid , You can enjoy close to real vaginal sex. This torso doll has no skeleton and no accessories.

How To Take Care Of Fucking A Sex Doll

* Use water-based lubricant during sex

* Clean vagina and anal pits with irrigation tools and bottling bottles

* Avoid clothes that contain non-color-resistant clothes and ink

* Use a pillow or cushion in a specific position to support the sex doll

* Avoid direct sunlight and odors and store in a cool and dry place

* Clean your body regularly with mild antibacterial soap and warm water

* Wash the wig separately using mild shampoo and conditioner

* Use face cloth to clean the head separately and do not submerge the head completely

* Sprinkle talcum powder on the skin to dry it thoroughly and keep it soft

* Dry your real sex doll with a towel. Avoid using a hair dryer as these can cause damage

Doll information

# Parameter Name Doll Measurements
1 weight 9.2kg
2 Bust 26.7 inches(68cm)
3 Hips 29.5 inches(75cm)
4 Waist 17.3 inches(44cm)
5 Long 18.9 inches(48cm)
6 Width 13.0 inches(33cm)
7 High 7.0 inches(18cm)

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