AXB Cute Teen Sex Dolls for Sale

AXB Doll is a Chinese doll brand, a new brand in the love doll industry. It is a young brand that started in 2017, and it seems to be very particular about the head shape of young people. There are many designs with smaller busts, perhaps because they are looking for a figure suitable for young beautiful girls and baby-faced women. There are many types of Japanese heads and bodies, and its design can penetrate the tastes of all kinds of people. In addition, compared with other brands, we are particularly focused on the development of small baby-faced sex dolls, a brand called "Girlish TPE Doll AXB Doll". Of course, there are also cute love dolls with big breasts, but they don't seem to have very anime-like figures. There are also weird three-hole and five-hole dolls, but it can be said that they are mainly "beautiful girls".