Real Life Looking 169cm Sex Dolls

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Why Buy 169cm Love doll

The 169cm love doll is a larger adult sex toy. These dolls have full breasts and full hips, which are also reflected in some high-end WM sex dolls. Find your 169cm Fantasy Love Doll faster here. In the OkSexDoll store you will find the most important sex partner in your life - a lifelike 169cm busty love doll. The 169 cm silicone doll is the perfect example of European and American women. This type of lover doll, due to its large breasts and hips, is very suitable for the needs of European strong men.

Advantages of 169cm Sexy Doll

These adorable 169cm real dolls have a soft TPE skin that is soft to the touch and can be used to create an endoskeleton in any position. A height of 169 cm is the absolute best match. Your real dream experience includes the newly developed premium TPE 2.0 which makes new bodies vibrate on touch for a lifelike feel. Sculpted by a skilled artist, her stunning body exudes tremendous energy. All our premium sex doll feature a completely redesigned high tech metal skeleton for quick connections and a perfect metal frame to make all erotic fantasies, poses and poses come true. With Love Doll, you will experience the perfect pleasure of vagina, anus and mouth.