Life Size 164cm Realistic Sex Doll

The life-size realistic 164cm sex doll can give you the same pleasure as your spouse or partner in the bedroom. Sometimes your spouse or partner isn't always available when you want to move around the bedroom. So the best solution is to order a 164cm premium sex doll. We have CE certification to ensure you get the best quality love dolls.

Introducing The 164cm Love Doll Skeleton Range of Motion

The 164cm love doll has a charm that many petite women do not have. You can dress well in mannequin style and a variety of clothes. Not only for entertainment, but also for taking pictures and appreciating art. The thighs of each sex dolls can be opened up to 170 degrees, the single-leg fork can raise the legs 100 degrees, and the knee joints can be bent 90 degrees. You can bend your hips back and forth, stand up straight, and sit down. No matter what position you take during sex (love dolls), our full size dolls won't resist. Take your favorite girlfriend home right away.

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