162cm Ultra Realistic Sex Doll for Sale

Full-size realistic 162cm sex doll with a slim, high-quality sex doll. This is one of the most beautiful customizations we've seen so far. She looks so real, you won't believe it. It's also made of soft silicone or TPE that feels as real as the hinge body. Her internal metal skeleton feels like human skin and can be adjusted to different positions.

High Quality 162cm Love Doll Made of Silicone

Silicone dolls are a premium sex doll. Today, it is becoming more and more popular. The shape of the 162cm silicone doll can be similar to your girlfriend who can masturbate, especially the quality and appearance. You have 3 penetration objects: vagina, anus and mouth. In order to meet your higher requirements, the stainless steel frame and movable joint can be adjusted at will.

Some men may find sex dolls boring, so they get angry when they use them. However, this was a long time ago, depending on the type of material used. Silicone dolls have different effects when choosing different types of dolls. You will be amazed at the quality and performance of the doll today, especially when you realize the function of silicone, you will not question the authenticity of the doll.

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