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160cm adult real dolls

Why 160cm girl are suitable for many people?

Welcome to Oksexdoll online shop. For most Americans, 160cm girls are the most ideal girlfriends. You can put them in your arms and call them honey. When you go out shopping with your girlfriend, 160cm looks especially suitable for you.

Sexy Model dolls

Have you ever imagined having sex with a model? They are mostly around 168cm tall,their height is closed to a real model.Imagine the long legs of a model, do you want to touch it? Absolutely as long as you buy a doll from oksexdoll shop, you will get a model sex doll soon, isn't it exciting?

Customize your sex dolls

Here, no matter how high the doll you need, as long as you decide the style of the doll, we can customize it for you. Of course, there is no additional customization fee, because we serve the customer like this.

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