Real Life 152cm Love Doll Collection

The dolls here are carefully selected 152cm sex dolls, you can buy affordable 152cm dolls here. With their delicate faces and soft skin feel, these sexy dolls will allow you to have the most authentic sex and discover more exciting orgasms! Confident, sexy and feminine, the sex dolls here are popular with men.

What is A 152cm Love Dolls?

Our 152cm love dolls are carefully designed to win the favor of many sex doll lovers with high quality products. These premium sex doll incorporate unique designs in modern women's clothing, including retail, clothing, shoes and faces. Different body types, different hearts, will have different feelings. Its head is detachable and you can choose your favorite accessories among the options. The realistic 152cm doll shell is made of TPE material. The cost of TPE is cheaper and suitable for more buyers. High softness, close to the real feel of leather, and excellent elasticity. Personalize your ideal sex doll with high returns for the least amount of money.

Sex Doll Collection