Updegrove 149cm Cute And Neat Maid C-cup Silicone+TPE Sex Doll Photo

The Story Of Best Japanese Sex Doll

Updegrove she's a Japanese Sex Dolls, a super cutie that far exceeded my expectations. A super talented person only takes 1 year in 10 years, no, 20 years. Everything is high quality. Not to mention the model figure, overwhelmingly she has beautiful fair skin. Thin, beautiful legs that make you want to lick them. She was soaking wet, her body began to twitch when she stimulated the chestnuts, and said with her favorite electric massager: "Water spray rate 100%? After tasting her exquisite masterpiece, she is addicted, and will answer any lewd request with a smile. She, the anticipation is huge. The moment you first start playing, seeing her lascivious and disturbed figure must have been exciting.