Mar 31 2022

AXB 148cm Flat Chested Little Girl Sex Doll Video

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For clients with social anxiety disorder, sex doll services can be very valuable. Visually impaired and deaf people will have more needs and problems in this regard. Sex dolls can also be used to repel people who like violence or who don't want to hurt the real but don't want to hurt the real, or even those who want to experience monogamy without cheating. .. Despite the development and progress of the flat chest sex doll market, these groups have taken into account the special needs of these anxious and disabled groups, especially in the early days of sex robots, in product design. Humans also help this part of society, they make us feel the beauty of the world.

Not only that, we should treat them more equally. They also have the same human rights as us. Especially in the current era of artificial intelligence, sex dolls that reproduce human sexual responses are no longer a hot topic. In the future it will be as normal as a vibrator or a masturbation toy. There is concern that some customers may start to think this is normal. In turn, it spreads a skeptical and inaccurate view of human females.

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Sex doll Manufacturer: AXB Doll

Height 148cm Weight 29.7KG Cup A Cup
Upper Bust 73cm Hips 80cm Waistline 57cm
Vaginal Depth 17cm Anal Depth 14cm Oral Depth 10cm