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Ultra Cheap Green Eyes Blonde Mini Sex Doll Carina

Brand:OkSexDoll Type: TPE Category:65cm Sex Dolls
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Pubic Hair

Price: $459.00 $999.00

Story about Carina

The blonde beauty is very popular. Super cheap price, very small body makes Karina one of the best-selling mini sex dolls. She is like being enchanted, her body exudes a special magic, as if it were a princess in a fairy tale. Beautiful and elegant, you will be amazed at her exquisite workmanship. You will not see it again in this price, so buy your favorite doll and buy it!

Doll information

# Parameter Name Doll Measurements
1 Height 39.4 inches(65cm)
2 weight 2.5 kg
3 Bust 13.2 inches(33.5cm)
4 Hips 13.2 inches(33.5cm)
5 Waist 8.46 inches(21.5cm)
6 Arm lenth 7.1 inches(18cm)
7 foot lenth 3.1 inches(8cm)
8 Packing size 25.4*9.84*5.7 inches(64.5*25*14.5cm)

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CE, RoHS Certifications

CE certification RoHS certification FDA certification ASdoll certification

Before you buy a doll

About doll's quality

Realistic:100% according to real life production

Safe & HQ:High quality TPE & soft silicone material

Simulation degree over 98%:Each face and every inch of textured skin are engraved by a master with 30 years of modeling experience, with a simulation degree of over 98%.

Flexible:Legs can be placed 180° flat

Packing list: Doll x1, Wig x1, lower body heating rod x1, Vagina washer x1, Set of clothes x1, Blanket x1, Pair of gloves x1, Instruction manual x1

About delivery

Dolls are tailored to your needs, and once we receive the order, we will immediately produce your sex doll. After 4 to 15 days, we will deliver the doll to you through the best logistics methods, such as UPS, DHL. We will then send you a logistics tracking code, you can find your logistics information at https://www.17track.net/en

Can't find the doll configuration you need?

It doesn't matter, All Our Dolls Are Customizable! Please find the message board at the bottom of this page and leave the doll configuration information you need. We will give you the most detailed parameters and quotes for each doll right away!

Payment methods

We have four kind of payment plans,they are PayPal, American Express, Mastercard and Visa.

Are you a new buyer?

If you are a new buyer and don't know how to choose your sex doll, please read our sex doll buyers' guide, it will teach you buy you doll step by step.

Doll usage, wash,maintain & Storage

After you got your doll,you may want to know how to start with your doll, that's ok, the following link will teach you How to use sex doll.

Still have a problem?

If you still have a question, please feel free to email us: service@oksexdoll.com

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