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TPE sex doll review

overview of TPE

TPE doll is odorless, feels good! Resilience is good. The high molecular weight TPE material has better resilience. The thermoplastic elastomer has environmental protection, non-toxic safety, wide hardness range, excellent coloring property, soft touch, weather resistance, fatigue resistance and temperature resistance, and excellent processing performance. No need for vulcanization, processing efficiency is higher than rubber, can be recycled to reduce costs.

TPE vs Silicone

The dolls are basically made of two kinds of raw materials. They used to be silicone dolls. But after the hot plastic elastomer TPE slowly ignited, many doll manufacturers now have TPE raw materials. Many people ask online: TPE vs silicone, which is better? I have previously introduced the advantages and disadvantages between TPE vs Silicone. I don't know if you know about it. From the perspective of health and use, TPE has an advantage, but would you buy a TPE doll?

Jerry's Review, I've Never Seen Such a Soft Doll

Nick 2019-05-09

best tpe doll

It’s really too soft, just like touching the skin of a real person. This is my review of Juliet.


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