Dec 21, 2021

Hanami 135cm AA-cup TPE Sex Doll Video

The Story Of Anime Sex Doll

Our team is working hard every day to create realistic sex dolls to realize your crazy dreams. With your thoughts in mind, we have created the ideal Dutch wife for the woman you want to meet. There are many men in the world that cause extreme sexual activity. Maybe they saw women and there were more. They have other arrangements for short-term or long-term relationships, evenings and sex life, and they think these arrangements are very happy for the women they are related to. However, in some cases, the sexual behavior of these men is much stronger than what the current arrangements can satisfy. In fact, their partners will be overwhelmed by these needs because they may desperately need sex. You have heard of "sex addiction" or "female fanaticism". Phobias are usually related to not having enough women, but this is only cultural. The fact is that some people are suffering from other people alive. There are not enough genders to meet their needs. At this time, a Japanese sex doll will appear.

Sex doll Manufacturer: Aotume Doll
Height 135cm Weight 17.6KG Cup AA Cup
Upper Bust 52cm Hips 66cm Waistline 42cm
Vaginal Depth 14cm Anal Depth 13cm Oral Depth None