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Japanese Sex doll Etsu is Showing her Face, does She Look Naive?

Jack 2019-06-10

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Etsu's Face

Etsu is showing her breast

Japanese sexy doll Etsu

Naked Japanese sexy doll Etsu

Touch Japanese sexy doll Etsu's Tits

Introduction of the video

Etsu is the most innocent doll in the world. She is 158cm tall and likes to wear short skirts and white shirts. Many people will like her when she looks at her. In addition, she is a sex doll sold exclusively in our store, made of TPE material, and supports a custom-made silicone head. She looks exactly like a real person.

The first video shows Etsu's face, the second video shows her body in a short skirt, and the back video shows how Etsu was when she was naked.

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