Nov 17, 2021

Adelyn 165cm E-cup TPE Sex Doll Video

The Story Of Lifelike Sex Dolls For Sale

The soft and strong E-cup bust outlines a soft curved waist like a beautiful coastline, a hip line, from which a soft and smooth curve is drawn, and the delicate and overwhelming body line inadvertently catches the eye

Just looking at it makes me feel distressed. Not only is he straightforward and good at listening, but he is also good at fascinating and has many topics. We guarantee that your innocent character and her smile will heal you from the bottom of your heart! The super smile attracts customers, and the time spent with her is a dreamlike feeling that makes people forget the time.

The comfort of being with a true lover. From the moment you meet her, her heartbeat and innocent time begins, just like her first date.

Sex Doll Body Parameters
Height 165cm Weight 33KG Cup E Cup
Upper Bust 87cm Hips 80cm Waistline 57cm
Vaginal Depth 17cm Anal Depth 14cm Oral Depth 8cm